Stuck identifying 21 tracks [Solved]

Hi, I’m running Roonserver on Win 10/64 and am not able to get past identifying 21 tracks. I’ve looked at the logs and moved the files that Roon suspects are bad but it’s still looking. Who can I send my logs to?



Did moving the files aside resolve the issue? Do you still have the files?

If moving the files aside resolved this, the files are probably more interesting than the logs, but let me know a few more details and we’ll see if we can get a better sense of what went wrong here.

Thanks for the report @Tony_D_Angelo!

Weird. I had the same issue…21 tracks on a new Windows PC. I moved everything back to my Mac. Worked fine

Resetting my network settings with a MS utility resolved the issue.

Thank you!


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What settings? What MS utility?

I also have this kind of problem and am curious what you mean.

Hi, search for this: - it worked great.