Stuck in an Identifying New Tracks Loop

I have a Nucleus and a music library on an attached usb ssd drive.
I am now getting getting the following message.

And when I import new music, the meta data functions are error-prone - for example Sarah Vaughan being alphabetized under “Sarah”, even though I have the last name priority setting entered in the artist category.

Hi @Fred_Roth,

I’d like to enable some diagnostics on your account so we can take a look at what you’re experiencing here. Before I do this, may I ask that you please do the following and make a note of the time you do each:

  • Reboot your Core machine.
  • Start up Roon and let the spinner go for ~5 minutes.
  • Reboot your Core machine once more.
  • Start up Roon and let the spinner go for another ~5 minutes.

This should allow the team to gain some insight into what you’re experiencing in the report. Once you’ve done this let me know the timestamps and I’ll enable diagnostics on your account. When the diagnostics report is uploaded I’ll send it over to our team for analysis.

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