Stuck in Roon forever - Only works in full screen mode

Running: NUC 7 i3, 8GB, 1TBP, Win 10 Pro. I’m new and while I was looking about in ROON (by Eyoyo 12inch, HDMI) and confronted by an error message indicating that the screen wa to small for the entire picture and I should make a choice between 2 screen displays. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the 2 offerings, but I do remember the result! I as very happy for a while as I got a good display of available music, musicians album cover, etc., but when I tired of that and wanted to continue explorations I found that there was no way out. I searched every where and clicked on everything I saw. I tried ESC. Eventually I did a hard stop on the computer. When I booted up it was not there until I typed in ROON in the search bar. I was again in the Sorcerers Apprentice web site. I now am restricted to listening to my music through microsoft media if I want to be able to do something else with my computer.

Your Eyoyo monitor does not have the resolution to be able to run Roon in anything other than Full Screen mode. Even then it seems that the monitor is not displaying full screen mode correctly. If your are running Windows at higher than 100% scaling, you might try going into windows settings under display and set the scaling to 100%. That might give you enough room to run Roon windowed.

Does ALT-TAB switching work to change applications? Also does Windows Key+M not get you back to the desktop?

First, let me respond to Anthony’s suggestion. No that does not work, but I thought that using repeat tab entries I might find the page where I made the fatal mistake, but no such, on the Z axis.
Daniel, I’m not sure I understand you, my ignorance. The lack of adequate resolution was mentioned at the point I made the wrong decision.I was given 2 options and took the path that led to the present situation. I don’t think I am on full screen mode,but I don’t understand these items well enough to be sure. I thought there would be no problem getting back to the decision page. Dreamer. I went to control panel to look for “Display”, but there was no such. I am running Win at the way it came preloaded on the NUC. ROON is on Linux, no?

No. the linux software is only a non graphical server version, aka Roon Server. Roon with a graphic interface is Windows, Mac only as a Core; adding IOS and Android as remotes.

Intel NUCs do not have windows preloaded. Lets start at the beginning, what is the brand and model number of the small computer you are using.

What else are\ looking for?

Brand and Model Number

For example, I have a small computer the brand is an Intel NUC model number: BOXNUC7I5BNH
I also have another small computer, Gigabyte Brix model number: GB-BXi5-4570R

Intel NUC Model No. NUC7i3BNH

What I mean is that win pro was installed before I received the computer.

I’m beginning to think that the solution is to withdraw from ROON and remove all software that remains on my computer before retrying ROON. Or should I just give up on ROON because of my limited room for a larger monitor

But all this doesn’t give me a clue abut how I can get away from Placido Domingo. My original question still stands: how to get away from that web page.

John, many Roon users including myself find controlling Roon with a tablet offers a better experience.

Can you see the three lines at the top left of the screen, if so then click on it, you can now access all Roons settings click on the the square symbol top right and it will take you back to the first screen and you can then close or minimise Roon.

How about connecting your NUCs HDMI output to a TV? But i do agree that your UX will be enhanced by using a tablet to control playback :slight_smile: