Stuck in Your device is initialising

Earlier this week I upgraded my Ropieee to the latest build (from 4.017).

It seems to work until the first reboot where the initialization seems stuck. While waiting I sometimes see the audio device appear in Roon for a second.

Workaround for now - write the iso again to the memory card, boot, and wait couple of minutes. The first setup works ok, it’s only reboots afterwards that hang.

Would there perhaps be a fix in the pipeline? (ie. lower # retries or timeout of whatever Ropieee is trying)

Or could I still download the old 4.017 image somewhere? Never had this problem with the old build.

Thanks for the assistance Harry!

oh. I also clicked the feedback button about an hour ago, but I forgot to save the guid :slight_smile: My public ip address ends with .62

EDIT. I waited it out and eventually the stage passed!

EDIT2: set the restart to weekly, rebooted and currently little over 2 hours in the process of initializing

EDIT3: wanted to wait it out and time how long a reboot takes, but it got late and I called it a night. This morning still initialising, switched on/off, and after less than a minute the device was ready!

So whatever the problem was, it has fixed itself.