Stuck on looking for Roon Core on Nucleus+

I have the same problem. Utter the update it got stuck on Looking for your Roon core on Nucleus +. And can not find \nucleusplus from a windows pc in the same network

Hi @Jeff_Illel ,

Have you been able to use these instructions to remove the bits file? If not, can you please give these instructions a try?

Roon Core running on Nucleus/ROCK

  1. Stop RoonServer process on the RoonOS Web Interface


  1. Go to your Nucleus or ROCK Database Location via another PC on the network – instructions
  2. Go to Database/Core/Registry/Core
  3. Delete the file called bits


  1. Start RoonServer again from the Web Interface again


Just installed Roon 2.0 (Build 1169), all good. Thanks Roon dev/qa for an excellent speedy response.


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