Stumped Album Not Showing Up

Roon Core Machine

Mac OS Big Sur /Nucleus/

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Library Size

3000 albums

Description of Issue

I have added a folder of Beatles Revolver album. FLAC files from an MFSL cassette. They play. Metadata is correct.
Put it in Roon. I see it in the folder on Nucleus. Nowhere to be found in Roon.
I turned off Nuc. Closed Roon. Restart. Nothing.
Changed the name of the folder after deleting and readding to Nuc, still not there.
Not in ''skipped files."
No ''versions"
This is making me nuts. I now wonder how many other albums I’ve added that are missing. How can they be in the storage folder and not in my Roon library?
Can anyone help me figure this out? Thanks so much

Well I put it in Kid 3, all meta data looked fine, but I made a change to one song name anyways just to prompt a change, saved it all, readded to Nuc and it’s now showing in Roon. Something’s wrong here but I don’t what it is. Do I, Mr. Jones?

Not on the Home page ‘Recently Added’?

Have you tried filtering in Track view for a track on Revolver? It will show the path to the Album if you have that column shown:

Clicking on the album cover will then take you to that album - assuming it shows up!

No was not on Home ''recently added." I tried filtering under Albums but that didn’t work either.

Hello @James_Cortez,

I can see how this would drive anyone crazy :crazy_face: . Sorry about the trouble.

Would you mind confirming the folder you copied this Beatles album to? Also, could you please share a screenshot of Settings → Storage?

Thanks in advance :pray: