Stupid Metadata

Not really a problem report but more of a rant. Why do people insist on adding stupid metadata? I ran into an example this morning that’s never been a problem before. The album Invention of Knowledge by Roine Stolt and Jon Anderson. All of a sudden Stolt and Anderson were added as Primary Artists. Roine Stolt and Jon Anderson were already there, why add their last names? So now I have to delete them from the metadata so their last names won’t show up in my Artists list. Why do people do that? Just a natural desire to add useless information? Sorry for the rant. I know it won’t make a difference.


I can understand your frustration. When ripping cd boxed sets for example using DBpoweramp the first cd was imported, but when I inserted the second cd the info was completely different. An example would be cd 1 would be album, the best of - cd 1, disc 1 of 4. Second cd would be album, the best of " 1970-1990 " disc 2, disc 2 of 2 or disc 1 of 1. I used to spend a lot time making sure the info was correct and retyped the info appropriately. Another problem was an artist with 12 tracks on would have one track with a collaboration with another artist would be flagged as an album as “Various Artists”. Such is life :hot_face:.

This is purely wishful thinking, but it would be nice if Roon or their metadata partners could lock the metadata for a known publication. One of my other hobbies is genealogy. I use a web site called Geni. Geni is attempting to build a world tree containing family information from everyone on the planet. Each record is called a profile. When the data for a historical or prominent figure has been determined to be accurate, the moderators lock the record so no changes can be made without a significant review process. Seems like Roon or their metadata providers could do the same thing with music. Much of the classic rock, pop, and jazz recordings have had their metadata thoroughly reviewed and analyzed so these albums can be locked and we wouldn’t have to continually groom our collection for errors and superfluous data. Just a thought.

Cant help with the stupidty on display but great album!

I’ve asked TiVo to sort out the nonsense on this album.