Stupidest Question - How do you play an album?

How do you play an album? I hit play now on an ablum and Roon plays a track, not track 1 then next it plays another track, not track 2 etc. It even jumps to another album. I dont have shuffle on etc.

You very likely have shuffle set

…or perhaps you have your ‘one click action’ for ‘tracks in albums’ set to ‘play now’ rather than ‘play from here’ and Radio turned on - see Settings -> Play Preferences.

Did that. Thanks. But I still can’t turn off shuffle.

I’m looking at your graphic. interesting. My shuffle symbol is left of the time line. On the right I have NO repeat symbol at all.

Yes. This is confusing.
At the bottom of the screen, it is on the left, and that is just an indication, cant click that.
Bring up the now playing screen, by clicking on the musical note between the play buttons and the progress bar, and you get that screen that @Chrislayeruk showed, and there it is on the right, and it is clickable.

One of a few UI quirks we have raised.

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