Sub-Fora in sales and trades

Could we have sub-fora in “sales and trades” with geographical indicators?

Perhaps a “will ship to” delineation. Worldwide, N. America, UK/EU, Antipodes whatever… and if it’s outside whatever sub-fora we have that this info would be in the title e.e. FS [Ireland only] Case of Leann Follain.



Sounds like a great idea. Will probably need a forum for countries operating under WTO rules too.

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I don’t believe there’s enough activity to warrant it.

The trader’s location should be in their profile and if they have any shipping limitations they should state so in the body text.

Can’t be that difficult to arrange and perhaps “if you build it they will come”.

I know I’d browse more often if there was an EU sub fora, it’s a pain seeing something you want only to read in the post to find sales to USA only.


sales forum posting rules are so badly understood if even read at all. Its hard enough to get users to put a location…never mind any profile info.

Could we have …

FS (UK only): XXXXXX

It would help indicate if there are delivery limitations on for sales. Not vital but why not?

(sorry for being cheeky)

I thought @Sloop_John_B had a good idea, so I did something similar in something I had for sale, but for some reason the mods removed the location info.

I’ve merged posts so the discussion is in one place.