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I listen to a lot of music, and recently, I’ve been paying attention to the “Genres” in my library. And some of that music falls within a “sub-genre” category, like “Big Band”, which is a sub-genre of “Jazz”.
So, when I play an album in that genre, say, Miles’ “Porgy and Bess”, it doesn’t seem to count or show in the “What you’ve been listening to” section, under that first section “Genres”, and also not if I click on the circle corresponding to the day I’ve played the album.
Right now, I have “What you’ve been listening to” set to “Last week”, and I’ve played that Miles album in its entirety, and still I see no “Jazz” (main genre) or “Big Band” (sub-genre) in the chart or under “More”.
It does show on the next two panels, “Your top artists” and “Your top albums”, though. It’s just the “Genre” thing that’s being ignored, and it seems to be related to sub-genres.


Guess no one cares much about the Genres thing in Roon then? :frowning:

Hey Alexandre,

Sorry for not getting back sooner. Thx for the feedback, we will look into and get back.

Hi @Alexandre_Siufy1,

The genres appear in a stratified arrangement based upon your most played music, most played genre at top then others in descending order. If Porgy and Bess, and other Jazz titles, weren’t played more often than other genres they won’t appear in that display. It doesn’t necessarily mean that Roon isn’t registering them.

My personal display is showing subgenres but some lesser played content isn’t showing up. For instance this week I’ve been jamming a lot of Allman Brothers albums for the last week or so, but I also played some West African stuff. The West African music isn’t showing up on my Genres/Sub-Genres because I’ve been playing so much Allmans :loud_sound: that they’re dominating the display.

All of the subgenres they hit are bubbling to the top.

Trying laying into Jazz regularly for a few days straight and it’ll pop up.

No, it won’t.
I just played a jazz album with a “Progressive Big Band” genre to it. It does NOT register in the genre wheel. Not in the wheel itself obviously, as it’s the only one of this genre I played, but if you click on the “More” button, and select “Last week”, it SHOULD register there. And it doesn’t. Hence, a bug.

It has nothing to do with how often I play a certain genre. Roon is simply not registering sub-genres once I play an album, in certain reports only.

Another such report is the today’s activity “bubble”. Today’s Wednesday, so if I click on the today’s bubble, I should see everything I listened to today, right? And that I do. All albums, artists… But wait, Genre is not showing my “Progressive Big Band” album I just played! Weird, this the bug report…

So, like I said, a played a 45 min “Progressive Big Band” album, today.
See here:

It’s just not there. Now, I switch to the “Albums” view on the same panel, and I see it there:

It’s the Mike Taylor album.

Like I said, it doesn’t register in the Genres wheel either:

Still no acknowledgement that this is a bug???

Hi @Alexandre_Siufy1,

We can’t say with certainty that this is a bug until it’s been properly established as a bug, and not a local library issue. Which is more likely.

Can you post a screenshot of your Settings>Library>Import settings screen please? Thanks!


Thanks! Can you also post a screenshot of the Mike Taylor Remembered album page?


I’ll give you another example, happening right now. I’m playing this album:

Genres “Indie Pop” and “Space Age Pop”.
Yet, these two genres don’t register at all today:

For the record, I’ve played over 4 hours of music today only. The genres tab only registers a portion of it, which is the bug I want to demonstrate.

Hey @Alexandre_Siufy1,

I reached out to our product team to determine if both Roon and Local Tags are treated equally in those displays. This was their response.

There’s no preference of one over the other. But, due to the format, they would need to meet the same criteria in terms of play quantity to make the cut. The user’s library would have to be very thoroughly tagged, their genres would have to be built into a hierarchy alongside ours, and they would have to be racking up similar quantities of play on their own genres as they do on top-level genres.

It’s a hard bar to top.

My suspicion is that your library doesn’t have consistent enough genre tagging and hierarchy developed to surpass Roon’s Top Level genres.

I don’t follow. It seems like he’s answering an entirely different question.

Now, I am not talking about tags, but Genres.
The nested hierarchy is not mine, it’s Roon’s. It was built that way. Take, for instance, “Avant-Prog”. When I attempt to assign that Genre to an album (in the Edit panel), it is under “Pop/Rock > Prog-Rock > Avant-Prog”.
Sure enough, if I play an album with “Avant-Prog” as a genre, it will NOT show up in the Recent Listening panels. Now, if I use “Pop/Rock” as a Genre, the topmost item in the hierarchy, it WILL register and show normally.
So, the bug is that Genres within the nested hierarchy in Roon are not being counted for the Recent Listening panel.
I don’t see how the number of plays have anything to do with it. Recent Listening is supposed to tell me what I listened to TODAY. And it does tell me, by album and artist, works fine, but the Genre panel doesn’t.

I can confirm the same behavior.

I mostly listen to Death and Black Metal, which are sub-genres of Heavy Metal.
However, in the list of my top genres for the last 4 weeks, it only shows the sum of the playing time on the albums that are directly tagged as Hard rock or Heavy Metal:


Here it looks like I’ve only listened to 1h 47m of music the last 4 weeks.

However, the real value is 96h:


So this statistic is simply wrong, and also has no value without including sub genres.

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Thank you for your report, Jan.

And another two weeks went by with no acknowledgement that this is indeed a bug/issue…