Subscription and number of Core's


I have been out of my Roon for a while, previous I had it installed the core in two PC’s. Today I was trying to install Roon in a New PC, and then I was told I could only have 2 core’s on my Subscription.

So I removed one of the oldies, but then Roon tells me that I have can have only one core, so then I had to remove the last one. This was very strange and I do not know why I suddenly can have only ONE CORE.

br/Frank Hatling

If you have one subscription you an only have one active Core.

You can have as many Roon Cores as you want, but only 1 (one) active at the time.
See also the Roon Knowledgebase at

Hi @Frank_Hatling,

As mentioned above, a Roon license allows one Roon Core to be active at one time. You can switch between which Core is active as often as you’d like, but only one can be used at a time.


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