Success with Roon Nucleus+ (was an upgrade from MacBook Pro)

I just installed a Roon Nucleous + into my system (transferring my core from my MacBook Pro). Process was seamless and the performance has been amazing so far! I was on the fence about doing it, but so far I’m very pleased. Gone are the occasional drop outs I used to suffer - I’ve been breaking in new speakers (Revel Performa 228bes) and the ability to run them continuously without drop outs across a range of music types has been fantastic. I’m using a roon ready Auralaic streamer which works perfectly with the roon architecture.


Excellent! Now, enjoy the music :+1:

Indeed :+1:. Thanks. I’m 40 plus hours into great music and loving it.

Corrected the subject and put in the #roon:nucleus area

Am I correct in assuming your MBP was connected via WiFi to your network?

Sorry for the delay - just saw this. No, I had my MAC Book pro connected directly via ethernet to my Lux switch - but I had random drops - I played around with reconfiguring power settings on the MAC which helped but never solved the issue completely . Interestingly when i hooked up the Nucleous + to my Lux switch via eithernet I’ve just enjoyed continual no drop music. I’m a happy camper. I’m using an Auralic GS1 streamer (as a Roon endpoint) powered by a McIntosh MC462 amp and McIntosh C2700 preamp - Heaven . I’m planning to install an Men 220 room correction system to smooth out the effect of my tile floor and windows in the my main listening room. But the Roon experience has dramatically enhanced my listening experience and I love the music history and hotlines provided through the metadata! In fact, I’m even using Roon now to connect to my less sophisticated Sonos connect equipment in other rooms.