Successful core migration - Large library

Just wanted to post a success story (so far). Just moved my core from an older tower PC to an Intel NUC Extreme i9 running Windows 10.

Backed up old core database. Moved attached storage (two 8TB drives) to i9. Powered on, restored database (took about 35 minutes). Edited storage locations and started playing music - picking up in the middle of the album I was listening to before shutting down the old core.

35312 albums, 577,834 tracks - all local

So far, no issues and navigating around is much faster than on my old core machine. Now to test the multiple endpoints (8 raspberry pi’s running Ropiee, a couple Mac Minis, 3 windows pcs, and the remotes (phones and Fire tablets))


Cool – thanks for posting. Sounds like you followed the procedure correctly and Roon performed as it should, even with your quite large setup.

Now go and enjoy those 8 Pi’s. :smiley: