Sudden ARC Sync Failures on WiFi/Cellular, iPhone 14

I have an iPhone 14 Pro and have used ARC previously with the only drop outs coming when you lose the internet connection.

Lately I cannot get ARC to work on my Cell phone even if I’m standing right next to Roon Library (Mac Mini) or right in front of my Wireless Router. The “Connection” indicator just spin and spins and spins. I have deleted and re-installed Roon ARC over 6 times and to no avail…


Mine was not working after the update, I “reset Roon arc” in the app. Then reset the port in Roon under Settings/RoonArc and it started working again. You might try it the other way around and reset the port first and see if that works?


Hi @LarryMagoo,

It’s possible the sync failure is due to a build mismatch. Diagnostics show that your Core isn’t yet on the latest build; only ARC. I recommend updating your Core (and Remotes) to the latest build before fully deleting ARC (including data) and reinstalling. While this unfortunately may require you to redownload offline playlists, it should restore ARC’s ability to sync to the Core on both cellular and WiFi.

Well I just got a notice on my Roon Core Machine (MAC Mini M1) that an update was available…did the update then Reset the Port on my Roon Core machine…then Bingo! All seems to be working…!

I’ve never had a full grasp on the set up on mine… having both a Roon Server (2012 MAC Mini) where my Library is stored and my Roon Core (an 2020 M1 MAC Mini). I was told I needed the Roon Core to store my Room Correction Convolutions…

This fall I will be replacing my 2012 MAC Mini with a M2 MAC Mini Pro…I hate to shut down my now 10+ year MAC Mini…but I was able to remove the nosey AC power supply and run it on 12VDC that of course will not be able to be modded like I did my old MAC mini…

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