Sudden "machine gun" crackle

My library is suddenly very unstable, featuring mostly what I can only describe as “machine gun” sounding crackle. Working great this morning, and just suddenly this appeared.

Only now updated to 1.4, but this was happening before. Also, this morning I did introduce a few DSF files into my library, in case I may have inadvertently changed a setting. Would appreciate any help in debugging the issue!

Would you mind to provide your setup and describe under what circumstances this has happened ?

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Did you add or use any dsp upsampling? System specs would be good to see as the machine gun description could be interpreted a number of ways.

Normal playback conditions are just using MacBook Pro 2016 as playback. I’ve not consciously adjusted any upsampling. At first I noticed my hi-res vinyl rips, but it seems to affect everything.

DSP presets are all disabled.

Hi Scott,

What is your output zone? Is there a DAC attached or are you using System Output or Built-In Output?

Is your Zone set to Exclusive Mode?

Cheers, Greg

Hi Greg, there are two zones using Built-In/System outputs. First test: setting Exclusive Mode seemed to do the trick.

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