Sudden Remote Control Problems with iPhone 10

Over the past week, my iPhone and my Core / NUC didn’t seem to be recognizing one another. Takes forever to find the core. Music is still playing, but sometimes takes 20 minutes for the remote iPhone to connect.

I recently upgraded my internet / fiber connection via AT&T from 300 Mbs to 1 Gig. Would that cause an issue?

Also, noticed a strange prefix address on my phone. Looks like this. ::ffff:192.etc. Is that perhaps the problem?


That prefix appears to indicate that your new router and/or new router settings may have enabled IPv6 support. As I do not have IPv6 on my network, I have no idea how Roon copes with it, so I can’t offer a solution, I’m afraid, other than that you might try disabling IPv6 on the router, if that’s the sort of thing that you’re comfortable doing.

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Hey @John_Huffman,

Thanks for getting in touch! We’d love to help and, it looks like @Jeff_Melin might be on the right path (thanks for chiming in!).

Could you please disable IPv6 on the router and all your devices? We explain why here.

I hope it helps, but, if you’re still having issues, please, do let us know :nerd_face:

Hi Thanks both of ya’ll for the responses. Turning off IPv6 on Router is beyond my skill level. Do i need to call ATT for help with that?

The problem is re occurring buy not constant. Time of day seems to impact it.

Terrified of screwing everything up and losing access to Roon! I am an addict

Thx, john

If you post the model of the router one of the geeks in the audience here would probably be able to walk you through it. Or phone your service provider and they should either be able to do it remotely or talk you through it.

Hey @John_Huffman,

It’s so great to see our community being as supportive as @ged_hickman1 clearly illustrates (thanks @ged_hickman1 :pray:).

I was wondering if help is still needed, or, if, on the contrary, things have improved :nerd_face:

Hi Rebeka,

things have resolved themselves. No issues currently. Thanks so much for following up!