Suddenly an Authorization Request

This popped up unexpectedly:

I truly don’t understand why I am getting this message. It occurred while I was listening to Roon and simultaneously tagging my library. Don’t think user error was involved.

Have a lifetime membership.

Help required. Thx

PS: just rebooted rock, restarted control; met with ‘choose your core’, I select rock, and then the above screen.

PSPS: since the Your Devices number looked suspiciously generic, I took a leap and clicked Unauthorize. Looks like a return to normal.

Hey @John_V – we’ve seen this a handful of times in the past, but we were never able to reproduce the issue in house, and we haven’t had a report in a while.

Just to be clear, you haven’t logged into Roon on any devices recently? You’ve been running Core on ROCK, every other device is running as a remote, and from your perspective this just popped up out of nowhere?

We’re going to enable diagnostics and see if we can get a better sense of what’s going on here, but let me know if you think of any details or steps you might’ve taken ahead of this error.

Can you also give us a brief rundown of the devices on your network running Roon?


Yes to all questions. Profile describes my setup.

As for details or steps, the only stressful thing I was doing was playing tracks and amending their tracks simultaneously. Not the smartest move, I guess, but there it is. Absolutely nothing else untoward.

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@John_V ---- Just touching base to let you know that we have received the mentioned diagnostics. The report is currently attached to the ticket we are using to track this behavior for review by our tech team.

If this behavior comes up again or if you happen to find a means to readily trigger this issue, please do let us know. Thanks again!


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Hi @John_V — Just wanted to touch base because the reason you had seen this “authorization request” is because our QA team was doing further testing on your “unknown composer” issue (with the Roon DB you provided) and logged in without fixing the licenses.


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