Suddenly can not connect to QNAP NAS

Core Machine

I have a Nucleus+
QNAP NAS for additional library storage.

Network Details

Apple iMac / QNAP NAS/ Nucleus plus

Audio Devices

Various - all work fine using the music stored on the Nucleus.

Library Size
70,000 tracks

Description Of Issue
I can see my NAS drive on my network on the Mac but am unable to add the NAS drive as a secondary music file source to Roon. This was all working fine - now it seems not to be working.

I have tried copying over the location of the music folders and replicating what my Sonos system uses to find the music library on my NAS but cannot add the QNAP share through Roon.

Hi @Mark_Harwood

When you’re adding a network share for the NAS in Roon, what are you entering? Can you share a screenshot?

We have more information about how to do this in our Help Center.