Suddenly cannot access music shares

For some reason, Roon reports “The Removable Drive containing this media is not connected” randomly. I have tried:

  1. Mapping the network share (it’s a local drive on a file server that is shared) to a drive letter. I can access the music via Windows Explorer.
  2. Configuring it as a network share instead of a local mapped drive. Doing it this way, the error changes to “The Specified Network Resource or device is no longer available”.

The only way I can seem to fix this is to restart the storage pool on the server. The server hosts several hard drives in a RAID with Parity using Flexraid’s T-Raid solution. Note - the drives are formatted as ReFS, not NTFS.

I’d be quick to blame flexraid however I am abel to access the share on both my macbook as well as the windows PC running Roon. It’s only roon itself that loses connectivity. I’ve looked in the log files and do not see anything useful…maybe i’m looking in the wrong place?

Unfortunately , as a troubleshooting step, I completely uninstalled and re-installed roon losing my database out if desperation. It isn’t until I restart the storage pool where I can access the music.

Instead of restarting the storage pool, I took a few hour break to run some errands. I came back, retried connecting and it worked. So this problem does not require restarting the flexraid pool, it’s just random.

Can someone maybe point me to a more verbose log file somewhere for Roon?


@mike has much more experience with this than me, but first thing id check is if you are running SMB1 or something more modern like SMB2 or SMB3.

I’m running Server 2012, and sharing it that way.

Interestingly enough - it’s been fine since yesterday. I’m going to keep an eye on it and will look in the logs. Is there any options to change the storage path once it’s been set (is there a flat file somewhere that can be modded?) and maybe something to enable more verbose logging?

the log can be quite verbose already, and you have to disable/remove the old path and add a new storage location.

there is no flat file config for storage – the record is tied back to an id which is held everywhere in the db.