Suddenly no playback via HDMI


I have been a Roon user for over one year, and have used it on several playback settings.

  1. PC as Rooncore on a 7.1 sound card doing the audio output to a receiver. Worked perfect. This PC also had JRIVER MEDIA CENTER.

  2. HIFIBERRY with DAC+ as roon zone. Works just fine.

  3. A second PC as core ( because the main board on the other PC died on me. This is connected via HDMI as this PC has no 7.1 audio board and the on-board audio card is not of high quality. This PC also has JRIVER MEDIA CENTER.

Both JRMC and Roon anre setup now to sound via HDMI and both software is setup on non exclusive mode.

It was working fine until a couple of days ago.

Suddenly, I can not playback Roon music to this main zone via hdmi. When I hit play on Roon the title flashes very briefly on the playback bar at the bottom of Roon screen ( where it shows the playback progress and the zone playing), then nothing sounds and the zone shows on screen as if nothing had been selected for playback.

Contrary to Roon, JRMC can playback fine to the HDMI output.

What should I check or do ?

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Have you re booted everything?

Several times and re installed Roon also.

Hi @Jorge_L_Cintron ----- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles here. Can you confirm that you have no active firewalls on this second PC that is now acting as your Roon Core?

Furthermore, have you tried testing with exclusive mode engaged? Were there any changed in result?


Turned off the firewall and rebooted to no avail.

Hi @Jorge_L_Cintron ----- Thank you for the feedback, did using exclusive mode yield any change in results here?


I think I tried and made no differ3nce, but, I will try again.

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@Jorge_L_Cintron ----- Thank you for the follow up. Let me know how the test goes and if you are still in the same state as before I’d like to gather some logs from you so our developers to take a look closer at what may be causing this behavior to occur.


Dsme problem…
Let me know how to send you the logs.

Hi @Jorge_L_Cintron ---- Thank you for the follow up. I will be contacting you momentarily via PM with instructions on how to upload logs to our servers.


I will tomorrow

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