Suddenly no power up in the Nucleus

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Last night, my Roon Nucleus (model Rev B) which I bought around on April 2021, not powered up and no white lit in the back of the unit. I did plug in and out a few times but no luck. Maybe fuse inside the unit blown up? I am not sure. Is it a good idea to open up and look inside or just send it to Roon? If send it back, what shall I do? I am located in Toronto, Canada. Thank you for help.

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Sorry to hear this happened.
I’m not with support, but have you attached a monitor and booted?
If there is nothing on the display, I’d start the return process. If there is text, what indicators does it give if any?

Oh, I didn’t use it connected to my Mac but only thru the network for my audio system. So I don’t know what said on the screen. Never connected to the computer so I don’t know how to. How can I check via Mac?

I believe the Nucleus has a HDMI output at the back. Depending on your mac type you may be able to connect it and change input?
I haven’t used a mac in a while. Any HDMI (tv) connection should work.

OK, I will try it, thanks

If it doesn’t power up, I’d try using a different power supply. Anything between 12V-19V that gives you 65W or higher should be okay.

Look at the ratings on the current one to confirm, and see if you have a similar one lying around. If that doesn’t work out, send it back under warranty.

Hey @Sung_Min_Park,

We’re so sorry to hear that your Nucleus simply isn’t showing up on your network. I wonder, were you able to connect an external monitor or a TV via HDMI to the Nucleus? Could you please send us a photo of what’s displayed?