Suddenly, no sound to USB connected DAC (Windows)

I am using Roon on Windows 7/64 Professional. Music is stored on a NAS (wired connection), and the output zone is a Lynx Hilo USB DAC. This exact setup has been working fine since I installed Roon.

Today, I tried to play something, and it didn’t work. Tracks (local or Tidal) don’t play in Roon. There is no sound whatsoever. The playing indicator (wiggly graph) moves every few seconds from one track to the next.

I also have JRiver on the same computer. It has been there all along, with no problems coexisting with Roon. Music still plays fine through JRiver, which seems to eliminate hardware, network, or cabling problems.

I tried looking at the zone settings in Roon, but the Roon symbol never gave way to the actual settings.

Please advise.


I tried a fourth time, and just as suddenly, it works fine.

What’s going on?