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I´m in the trial phase and running the roon core (latest version) on my notebook with windows 7. The roon app is running on my android phone (Blackview P 6000). I am only streaming music from Quobuz with my aries mini which is connected to my Yamaha AV receiver. Last week I could play music from quobuz via roon on my AV receiver andtoday the songs are still streamed in the roon app but the only sound output I´m getting is on my phone- my AV receiver is dead quiet. What can I do about this?

Show a screenshot of your Settings, Audio screen to start.
Have you rebooted the server, aries, yamaha chain?

Thanks. Just restarted my aries mini and Yamaha. My settings:

P.S.: My Aries mini is playing now and I do have sound over my stereo system if I pick a song directly from quobuz in the ligthning app that comes with the mini but I still don´t get any sound from roon. Any idea is much appreciated. Just a note: I cannot change the default output in the audio settings by choosing a different one from a menu as there is no list of different outputs. Perhaps I need to enter a different output manually?

Hi @Andreas_Leupold,

Have you made sure to select the correct zone before starting playback?
You can read more about Zones here. Please let me know if that helps.


Hi Noris

many thanks for your support, it did help and I can listen to roon on my stereo system in the right zone again (which reappeared after starting the aries mini a second time).

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