Suggested new titles - Nouveaux titres suggérés

Sorry if this has already been asked…
I have been using Roon for a few days.
I’ve had a Tidal subscription for years.
I can’t find the new titles suggested by Tidal in the Roon interface.
Is this normal?
Sorry for my basic english, my language is french

Désolée si cela a déjà été demandé…
J’utilise Roon depuis quelques jours.
J’ai un abonnement Tidal depuis des années.
Je ne retrouve pas dans l’interface Roon la liste des nouveaux titres suggérés par Tidal.
Est-ce normal?

If you go to Tidal in Roon and scroll down on the first page it has New Tracks, is that what you are looking for?

Also, if you are looking for the suggestions based on the music you listen to, that is done differently in Roon.

You can read about some of this here!

I saw this “new tracks” part in Roon’s interface. But this doesn’t correspond to the titles suggested by Tidal (in the Tidal interface).

J’ai vu cette partie “new tracks” dans l’interface de Roon. Mais cela correspond pas aux titres suggérés par Tidal (dans l’interface Tidal).

I’m going to look at this.

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Yes, the Tidal recommendations are kept in Tidal and Roon uses Valence to give suggestions in Roon.