Suggested specs for laptop for library of 700,000 tracks

I upgraded my nucleus + on your advice to 16 GB RAM and it resolved my issues

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I stated this as a requirement for the OPs library earlier in the thread, and this is the most important takeaway.

Another option for your consideration is to ask an expert for help. I’m sure @agillis (Andrew) at Small Green Computer ( could provide you with a simple off-the-shelf or customized solution based on your specific requirements. Small Green Computer devices are reliable, easy to use with minimal technical knowledge, and Andrew’s direct support is peerless. You can try messaging him here, or simply reach out to him on his website. One of the beauties of working with Andrew is that, if you have a problem, you can just email him and he’ll tell you how to address it or even log in to your system (with your permission of course) and take care of it - you won’t have to go to a forum and sift through two dozen recommendations😎

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Local storage would make it faster. I used to use my Nas for storage but moving to local was such a big improvement in performance and you get instant updates when adding new music which I never got with a NAS.


I find forcing a re-scan of the QNAP watched folder works quite quickly

Our sonicTransporter i9 would work well for a library of that size. Its the fastest commercial Roon server available.

Xpenology on any intel gen6 and up?

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