Suggested update from 2 sonos 3's

Hello from Canada folks. Hope Everyone is well.
I am a somewhat new Roon user; had it for about 6 months and LOVE it for so many reasons I won’t get into - that’s not what this thread is about. Lets just say I am back into Audio in a big way!

I am looking for advice on an upgrade I want. I have 2 Sonos 3 speakers in stereo on each end of my living room, about 10 meters apart. I really like the setup as it fills the room with sound. It is by no means a “sit in the sweet spot and listen” setup, it’s mostly low level dinner music, or low level listening while having a morning coffee kind of thing, but some nights I will just sit and listen and read roon on my ipad…and on those nights, I really want it to sound better.

I have been researching products like newer Sonos, Bluesound, and Kef - but that’s about all there is it seems…or is it? I have been struggling to find many options…

My needs/wants:

A stereo setup that is fully wireless and be able to be as far apart as I need…(that rules out Kef stuff)
A noticeable upgrade in sound from Sonos 3’s

All I have been able to come up with is new Sonos 5’s or a couple Bluesound speakers (would love it to be as simple as getting the smallest ones for cost reasons, but something tells me I will be disappointed). Note - I also have a Bluesound Powenode 2i in my basement running my TV and stereo down there, A Sonos Play 1 in my kitchen and a Sonos amp in a bedroom upstairs driving a couple bookshelf speakers.

Surely there are more options for my living room? any ideas?


I just bought 2 flex 2i for my second set up and they arrive after 2 Sonos one and 2 homepods.
I think and I can ear that in my opinion they do better in stereo.
Could not be easier to set up and to pair.
I am very happy.

I would go Bluesound but if it was for my main set up I would choose a stereo pair above the 2flex just to avoid to think about « disappointment » :grimacing:

I won’t go further as I did not listen to any other wireless set up as Sonos, homepods and Bluesound

Thanks for the reply. I will definitely get 2 speakers and have them in stereo.
What surprises me is that it seems like my only 2 options are bluesound or sonos? Is that really it?

To this price point I think there are not many options.
You have for more € Devialet or Cabasse but not easy and plug and play for roon…
I ve been looking for the same solution quite a long time before buying the pair of 2flex.

Thanks again…I guess what I have found is all there is. I may take a chance and get 2 pulse flex 2i to see if they are a nice improvement over the sonos 3’s…but something tells me it will be minimal. I guess I could return them if so…

Hope you ll enjoy them
So far they make a good job with roon and high res files.
I can not say if you ll be able to ear any improvement, but in a roon environment they are doing a good job.
In my opinion, if you want to ear a real step up, you should go for Bluesound pulse mini or Bluesound pulse but the budget needs also an « improvement »:sweat_smile:
Let me know!