Suggestion: A cancel button

Help! My Roon enjoyment is hindered by the fact that when I search for a song, an album, an artist, a tag, whatever, I get to where I want to go, but hours or even days later, Roon is still performing the same search in the background. If I am not careful, multiple searches are still running even though I (eventually) found what I want and moved on. This causes significant slowdown. It would be nice if Roon could avoid the problem in the first instance β€” but the next best thing, and perhaps much easier as a fix, would be to allow the User to cancel any/all searches that are no longer operative.

Just curious, how do you know it’s still doing the searches? My searches end when the results are displayed. Am I missing something?

Hello @Carmen_Caruso ,

Can you please clarify regarding the issue you are seeing? How are you seeing search still ongoing, is there some an activity spinner active? Can you please share a screenshot if so?