Suggestion: Custom mouse-over preview for the Roon app button in the Windows taskbar

A quick search didn’t bring up any existing thread that seems to be related to this, so here it goes:

I noticed that, when I mouse-over the taskbar button of the running Roon app in Windows 10, Windows shows only the default pop-up, which is a thumbnail of the entire contents of the current Roon app window. I think it’s a missed opportunity that Roon doesn’t display a custom preview here, like the clearly legible name of the track that’s currently playing (since the text in the screenshot thumbnail is illegibly tiny), some controls for play/pause or next/previous track, and perhaps some album art. I know for a fact that this is feasible and probably not very difficult, because I also use the much older and much less sophisticated MediaMonkey app, which does exactly this and does it very well.

Just a suggestion for future (hopefully near future) enhancement…

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