Suggestion for easier browsing

Suggestion: when browsing pages of albums, I sometimes stop to view an album, and then want to continue browsing after looking at the album. Roon makes this inconvenient because when I open and then close the album I was looking at, Roon takes me back to the first browsing page. I then have to go through all the pages I’d already seen to get to the page of the viewed album to continue browsing. Would help if Roon returned me to the page of the viewed album so I could just continue browsing from there. Thanks, guys.
Jim Heckman

Are you sure it does this? On a Mac client, I have just tried it on the album view. After clicking on an album to view, the left arrow at top left of screen takes me back to the same page I came from. If I click that again I do go back to the start. So what exactly are you doing to ‘close’ the album you are looking at?

I second that request.

I have a bookmark for Manfred Eicher which I use to list all 886 of his Productions not in my library - basically it’s a proxy for listing most ECM albums. Only trouble is it gives the oldest first (can you change this), so I have to scroll right a lot for the new ones. As James says, when I click on an album and then go back to the main list I’m back at the oldest ones, so have to scroll right again.

This is on an Android tablet, so sounds like it may be different on a desktop.


I’m gonna look foolish here. What I described has happened many times, but, having just tried it now, the problem is not recurring. I do click the left arrow at top now and it is returning me to the same page. I’m using an iPad. I’ll be more observant in the future and describe more fully if it recurs. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Hi James,

no inconvenience, no probs. What you described has happened to me too in the past, which is why I checked it out. It may be it occurs in some views and not others or some clients and not others? I mainly use PC or Mac to view Roon. I think it happens when you set some filters in Focus perhaps? Need to check it out to reproduce.
EDIT: just tried a Focus view on something and it still behaves itself. Can’t reproduce this at the moment.

Hi Phil,

just tried this and cannot reproduce what you see. I set a bookmark for a single artist, 29 albums. recalled the bookmark and it behaves as expected on my Mac, and on my Android tablet (Fire HD). I even tried different sort orders but it made no difference to the behaviour; always going back to the page I came from.

How strange - James’ request struck a chord with me as I realised the problem had been bugging me for a while. Yet you don’t suffer from it.

I wonder if we have a setting or two different that would explain the different behaviours. Can anyone help - if not lets get the big guns (support) to see if they can spot anything obvious

Hi Phil,
when you are on that bookmarked page you can choose “Sorted by Date” on the top right. Next is an arrow where you can change the order of the sorting (from “down” - newest to oldest to “up” - oldest to newest). Does that help? If you have the view you like, create a new bookmark - and delete the old one.

Ok, tried it on the PC remote just before going off to work. It still behaves as expected. I even tried one of my Tag views and it still returns to the page it came from.

I’ve had it happen numerous times, but checking it right now it’s behaving as it should.

Tony et al.,
thanks again for the responses. Turns out I’m not nuts. Last night the problem recurred. I’d clicked Genres and was in a Subgenre looking at an artist about five screens in (an artist with a lot of albums). I’d clicked an album, then when finished looking at that album, to return to the screen it was on I clicked the left arrow at top and it took me back to the beginning, i.e. the first screen of albums by that artist, thus causing me to go through the five screens to get back to the one I’d reached in order to continue my search of the artist. Again, I’ll keep an eye out for future such occurrences and TRY to note the circumstances (you’re not really interested in analyzing problems during a great night of listening :slightly_smiling_face:).
Jim Heckman


Unfortunately no!

I have no sort options on the view concerned. I’ve bookmarked a Manfred Eicher search, but when I go to the bookmark I then have to scroll down and click on Productions (takes a while to come up as there are lots). The resultant view is the one I want - effectively a listing of most ECM albums. But I can’t bookmark it per se, and there are no sort options.

Probably easiest to try it rather than me explain it. Do you get what I get, or something different?


will try it tonight when I’m home and come back to you

Yes, you are right, I can confirm it behaves as you described it. Only option seems to be to add all albums to your library (I find 938 albums on Tidal, with “Select All” and “Add to Library” it’s easy to do so). Then you can use Focus to create any sorted view and bookmark you like. But I guess that’s not the route you want to go… Sorry.


I think I’d lose the will to live doing that!! Besides, I’ve added a load of albums like that in the past (ACT Music) and then regretted it. It clogs up your library, so you end up deleting them. Which is a pain. I’ll live with scroling right a lot until / if the problem gets fixed. It’s not exactly damaging the quality of life yet :slight_smile: