Suggestion/Request: Rework of "Discover" feature

I have love/hate for the Discover page. I really want to use it, but it could be so much more useful and adaptable with some enhancements.

For me, the most important addition would be the ability to have a “Discover” page within each genre. For example, if I go to the Jazz genre, Discover would only present choices from within the Jazz genre.

Second is some options for what type of suggestions are included. For example, check boxes to include or exclude: Labels (I never look at these), genres/subgenres (we already get these in the genre views). You get the idea.


There’s a huge unrealized potential for discover. Right now it appears to be more or less randomly generated, with some reference as to the date.

Agreed! Came here to suggest that Discover be customizable. Personally have no use for Performer/Label/Composition types.

Also please make it one column on phone interface, the two columns with different heights is disorienting.

Finally, I would add that it would be great to see Related Artist type options (including pulled from Tidal, etc) so I could use Discover to, um, discover new music.

I think Discover is very good, especially when you can’t quite decide what you’re in the mood to listen to. It gives you interesting, different, perspectives on your music. I should use it more.