Suggestions for a new setup?

My set up is running Core on Dell I-7-8550U Laptop into a PS Audio Directstream DAC via USB, also on a home network Bridge II with current Redcloud software.
I use a Samsung S9+ as a separate control
Have an external Hard Drive with High Res on it.
Tidal Hi-Fi Master playing MQA

Question 1

Is it better to run PCM or DSD? Is there a difference quality wise?

When I was trying out JRiver and the display on the DAC showed Input:DOP Rate: DSD 64 1

I did go to “Signal Path” but totally have no idea what settings work best with my set-up.
When I played with those settings, I ended up with one hell of an echo
So I went back to square one.

Question 2

Is there a way to connect laptop running Tidal (MQA) to DAC AND to TV (New SONY 4K) and play music videos simultaneous with the music thru DAC

Please post link to directions if possible. @support


Thanks for the post and the questions @Federico_Macia! The knowledge base articles below should give you the guidance you are looking for :sunglasses:

  1. FAQ: Audio Basics
  2. “Sound Quality”
  3. “Roon x MQA”
  4. “Displays”