Suggestions for a silent device to run Roon remote on a Dell Touchscreen?

I initially used an Android Remix Mini, unfortunately it is no longer supported and will not run the current version of Roon. I am looking for a silent device to run Roon remote displaying on a Dell touchscreen. My core is on a PC in a different room. I prefer not to have a full computer, nuc etc. I was going to try a mac mini I have (fan rarely if ever comes on), but I cannot get the touchscreen to work with it. Any Android solutions or possibly a mini/stick PC that might work?

Old Android phone?

Are you talking about just a Dell monitor? Can you use a Raspberry Pi 4? $74 from Amazon.

If you want to use the touch screen, you need an OS that has a driver for the integrated touch panel. You might have to do a little research on the internet to figure out the manufacturer and type of the panel and what driver (OS support) is available for it. Also often an additional USB connection besides the video connection is needed for the touch panel. At least all my touch panels so far needed this additional connection. Exist others nowadays?

I am not sure how to hook an old phone to the Dell Touchscreen monitor. Is it possible?

Can Roon remote run on a Raspberry Pi? I would have to see if it will work with my Dell touchscreen.

You can run the RoPieee or RoPIeeeXL software that allows the RPi 4 to act as a Roon bridge. Iā€™m not sure if that gives you what you would need or not.

Actually, can you detail the Dell touchscreen you have been using? I was thinking of a USB based monitor.

My touchscreen is a DELL E2014T.
I only need the Roon remote function not an end point. I think the Raspberry Pi is only an endpoint, no remote functionality.

Then probably a phone or tablet, IOS or Android.

An obvious choice is a newer Android TV box.

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That is correct for a Roon Remote Control GUI only the following Operating Systems are supported:

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • iOS
  • iPadOS
  • Android

(Certified versions only)

Ditch the Dell monitor and Mac mini.

Microsoft Surface Pro. As long as Intel x86, most any variant will have no fan and run Roon remote without a sweat.


I was trying for a bigger screen to be set up at my stereo cabinet. i have Ipads etc for remotes. I am having a hard time determining what Android TV boxes will work with a touchscreen.

You know what - if I were to invest in a dedicated Roon remote this is actually a really good shout. Got me thinking this has!