Suggestions for Roon Ready DAC

Building my little brother his first true stereo system. I have pieced together a really awesome package so far. Found him Klipsch Chorus II’s and a Creek 5350SE integrated at prices that were hard to walk away from. I have all the cables, now I just need to secure a DAC and an endpoint (hoping for one single unit but a good deal is more important).

What are the best bang-for-your-buck DAC and endpoint combinations that you guys can recommend? Currently I am looking at buying a slightly used Chord Mojo with the Poly module for around $800 USD (most I really want to spend currently). Mojo can run in line out mode to the integrated amp and the poly will make it a Roon endpoint.

Please give me recommendations on your preferred DAC endpoints for listening that can be had used for $800 or less.

Thanks for any and all help.

Best bang for buck?

Raspberry Pi 3B+ $38
PSU $8
case $6
8GB micro SD $4
Ropieee $0
Topping D10 DAC $79
usb cable $5

grand total $140

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