Suggestions for Roon Ready stereo pair

Did a search but most discussions about this are a bit old…

What are currently some good choices of wireless, powered Roon Ready speakers to configure as a stereo pair? I recently purchased a Bluesound Mini 2i which I love, so I’m gravitating towards 2 of their Flex 2i for the stereo pair (which will go in a different room).

What other alternatives should I consider before I pull the trigger?

Don’t know your budget, but KEF LS50W II’s are Roon Ready, and KEF’s LSX are Roon Tested (meaning they don’t natively support Roon’s RAAT protocol but can be controlled by Roon), and Sonos’ speakers can be used also. I have both LSX and the original LS50W (also Roon Tested) and enjoy them both.

Alternatively, you could get any number of powered/active speakers such as Audioengine A series or HD series or even professional monitors and connect them to a Raspberry Pi or even a Bluesound Node and run them that way.


Have a listen to the Sonos One. I haven’t heard the Flex 2i’s, so can’t compare the quality, but I think they’re worth considering.

Also, as @Robert_F mentioned, if your budget can go a bit higher, Kef’s LSX would be a good choice.


Thanks, Robert,

The location doesn’t lend itself very well to having additional gear besides the speakers themselves, which I plan to mount to the wall. I can get power to them through the wall but that’s about it. Which is why I want to go with active, Roon Ready speakers. Am I missing a possible architecture with active, but not Roon Ready, speakers? There is very good WiFi coverage in that room.

I’ll look into the KEF’s and Sonos. How would they stack-rank against the Flex?

I think your best option would be to audition them, if you can. I can’t comment on the Flex 2i’s, but I can compare the Sonos One to the Kef LSX. The former is great for casual listening–surprisingly good bass for such a small unit–but they’re not in the same league as the LSX. I have a pair in my office (plus an additional sub), and I’ve been really pleased with them.

I have the Devialet Phantoms and the D&D 8c’s, which are both Roon Ready, active speakers. The Phantoms would be challenging to wall mount, but the 8c’s are pretty amazing, depending on your budget.

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Miguel, no, you are not missing anything. By active, I mean that the crossover is usually performed (digitally in most cases today) before the amplifier in each speaker, whereas powered tends to mean the crossover occurs after the amplifier (this is a general but not hard and fast rule), and there may be one amplifier for both speakers. This is lower-level that may not matter in most cases.

I agree that if possible, it is best to try to listen to a range of options before deciding on what to get, but there are many options out there.

The 8C’s weigh 26KG each. I think they would be a challenge to wall mount too :wink:

The Sonos One are a great recommendation, great ROI - I have several of them distributed across the house / premise as in-house system for casual listening.
In addition I set them up as aural alert system via HomeKit, in case any of the smoke / fire / water / CO2 or intrusion security systems detects an issue, the Sono‘s speakers act as additional alarm plus play a pre-recorded voice message of what and where the issue is.
Very good and versatile speaker. Highly recommended.

Thanks everybody for your thoughts and recommendations!

D&D 8c
Kii Three

hmmm… you didn’t specify a budget :slight_smile: It really depends on what you’re trying to do. If you want room filling big stereo image sound you’ll not be happy with a “life style” speaker. If all you want is a small, all in one, box that is commonly used solo then you’re asking all the right questions. But, these things have serious limitations once you turn the volume up. I find speakers like Sonos sound very processed. That’s OK for casual background listening but they fall significantly short of any serious listening and especially at reference level volumes. Then, with small boxes, you may want a sub at some point which add complexity to any powered set-up.

The Kef may very well be the right way to go here as their sub integrates almost seamlessly.

Oh, and don’t dismiss the Buchardt. They get very good reviews.

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What’s your budget?

2-3K maybe? Definitely not enough for the Dutch & Dutch :joy:

@ipeverywhere we’re talking casual listening here - the main system is elsewhere in the house.


You lose stereo and imaging but I lived in an apartment for a bit a few years back and the Naim Mu-Su was my only stereo. It was excellent and looked good. You may want to find some place to listen to one.

Are they Roon Ready? I can’t find any mention of Roon on their website…

I don’t know if they class as Roon Ready or Roon Tested, but they’re supported:

EDIT: I think that Roon supports the Sonos streaming protocol, so they’re neither Roon Ready nor Tested, but they definitely work.

Yes correct, Roon supports the Sonos streaming protocol and shows up under „other network devices“ in the menu

You already have some good advice.

Kef LSXs sound great and are Roon Tested, which allows significant integration.

If Roon Ready is a deal breaker, Devialet Phantoms sound amazing. The larger 1s are outside your budget unless you look at secondhand.

2s are affordable. I haven’t listened to them critically but you should definitely test them out.

While Phantoms are heavy, Devialet sell wall brackets for both models so either could fit the bill.

This would be my suggestion in that budge. They sound amazing for their size and they look spectacular.

I really like their “legs” as well. We have a setup/unboxing videos for the Phantom II and the legs that can show you how small and slick they are, just scroll down to the videos part.


Don’t B & W do some active ROON ready speakers?