Suggestions for switching playback between albums

Haven’t found a way to switch back and forth between albums when comparing versions; the equivalent of tabs, I guess The back button takes me to the last search or screen, but not to the previous album or track that was playing. Seems like a pretty common thing but I haven’t found any references to it.

Maybe “VERSIONS” in album view is what you’re looking for?

Or “History” under “My Stuff”?

Or just the queue screen when clicking following icon?

That’s all I can think of…

Can’t say it’s something I would ever want or use, but it’s easy enough to use the versions tab for this or make a bookmark that focuses on them and turn on show hidden albums. This will allow you to play one and the other easily.

Thanks for the suggestions, but maybe I asked my question wrong. I didn’t mean that I want to alternate between Roon’s “versions” of a recording; I just want to switch back and forth between albums I am listening to. And specifically, to switch between the full album views. Using the back button doesn’t do this, it takes me to the last screen displayed.

Then I only know of the two-click-options like first ‘history’ or ‘queue’ then on the respective album cover, as described above …