Suggestions Needed for Preamp with Room Correction

It looks like my Lyngdorf Preamp has bit the dust. Not easy to get repaired either and it’s over 10 years old. So I’m looking for suggestions regarding preamps and room correction. I’m not looking for home theater just stereo. Lyngdorf no longer has a preamp, just an integrated amp.

I know that Roon now supports DSP and RC, but I have Sooloos and an SACD Player and will potentially buy a turntable. So, the magic of DSP RC can’t just be Roon based.

I’ve looked at the following companies, but I’ve near heard any of the products.

MiniDSP (with Dirac)

McIntosh has the MEN which uses the Lyngdorf Room Perfect, but it’s not a preamp.

So what’s the question? “What do you use and what do you like about it?”


I use a DEQX HDP-3 for my turntable and SACD Player. But I found that DSP and Room Correction done in the computer was much less limited and sounded better for my computer source. Specifically, I use Roon + HQPlayer and HQPlayer’s convolution engine for Room Correction and Crossover for my speakers. I also compared this system to a Lyngdorf DPA-1 (which is what you had?) and Dirac with a minidsp product (as well as Dirac in my computer). Roon + HQPlayer was still tops.

A minidsp DDRC 24 with dirac is probably your best bet , usb , optical and analog input , you would however miss one analog input. $450
Other products are much more pricey

Im not 100% on this …but you could also get a 10 x 10HD with a zillion I/o options and matrix mixing and see if you can run the opendrc plugin with it (not sure if this works tho) , and use AcourateDRC (eu80) to develop the FIR filters… You might find you are limited in taps depending how many i/o channels you use , you can remote control it and have 4 presets with differing I/O options and corrections for all your sources . and the openDRC 2x2 plugin runs at 24/48k…

I think Emotiva have one that has Dirac but it’s been a while since I looked at any of their offerings specifically

HI All,

I’ve decided to buy the DEQX HDP-5. It solves all my problems. I needed a preamp and wanted speaker and room correction. It should arrive in about 2 weeks. Adding HQP and such didn’t fix the problem of not having a preamp. MiniDSP products might have worked but the combination of digital and analog input and outputs was very limiting. The Emotiva was multichannel and I only wanted stereo. So, thanks for the suggestions and I’ll let you know how it sounds.