Suggestions on improvements to my current setup

Hi there everyone.

This is my first post! Im brand new to Roon, and have been loving going down the rabbit hole of figuring out a good setup. Ive decided to use as much as I had on hand already to start my set up, juatvto get a feel for if it’s something I will stick with or not.

Anyway, Im after some suggestions on how to improve the listening quality/iron out a few bugs, so I’ll list below my current setup, and then Id love to hearvif theres any improvements yall would suggest, whether it be to hardware, or software settings etc. Anything really!

So im currently running…

Roon Server on Macbook Air 2014 plugged 8nto Ethernet. (does very little apart from running roon, surfing the web and watching movies).

Sending over wifi to Samsung S20FE as the endpoint which is plugged via dongle into…

Behringer UMC404HD Audio Interface (using as DAC as I alreadybhad on hand), which is going via RCA into a

Rotel RA- 820BX2 Stereo Amp which is powering…

A pair of Acoustic Research AR18s.

I havent messed arpund with any audio settings insode Roon yet save for setting up my devices.

So just wondering if yall have any suggestions on basic improvements I can make? Thanks!

What is the Dongle on the phone , sounds like a headphone jack DAC, do you have an OTG cable , USC C to USB female ?

That would give a better out from the phone, Android audio stage will butcher the signal as well if not using USB out

Looks like the UMC404HD has a USB input

Hiya, thanks for the reply. Yes sorry the dongle is a male USB-C to famale USB A adoter, i then just plug the normal usb cabke that cone with the behringer into it. I think this is the best way to do it? But i could be wrong!

Congrats and welcome to Roon. I will not comment on your hardware but one of the biggest advantages of Roon is its very powerful DSP. With the help of just a simple calibrated microphone (given that you already have a nice audio interface), you can measure your room/speakers and correct them and Roon DSP will apply all of these corrections on the go.

There are efficient and easy to follow methods and tutorials on this forum if you are new to that kind of thing.

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I had no idea you cpukd do this :laughing:. Awesome im going to give this a crack this afternoon and I will let you know how it goes! Cheers.

Yes , the “Dongle” is what I call an OTG (On the Go) cable , I think it’s Samsung speak, it connects to Android via USB and by-passes any audio processing. You can also mount USB drives on a phone with it at a push.

You will get the best from this before spending money