Suggestions to make identification of big sets easier

The Baroque and Early sets are the worst to identify using the arrows because they have up to 30 tracks per disk, but some others are not much better. On this PC each track can only be moved 3 (at most 4) spaces and that makes for a VERY tedious job. Doing this on an iPad looks better as tracks can be moved more spaces buit the task is risky as, for no apparent reason it can all vanish so one has to start all over again.

So I make to following two suggestions:

No 1 -

ALWAYS Keep all tracks together and, at first, place them as if to belong to Volume 1 in a set. If we start identifying the first volume then this should automatically place tracks correctly, or at worst, only require the shuffling of a few of them.

THEN, have a tag to identify this as volume 1 so that volume 1 spot is recognised as filled. Then, the next one, hopefully volume 2, has tracks correctly ported to it with the volume 1 slots blanked off as used. In this way we can logically and progressively correctly identify albums in a set.

Currently it is as hit and miss procedure and, frustratingly, sets of tracks are sometimes split up with say the first 20 incorrectly slotted in Volume 1 position yet another 8 tracks of the same album are incorrecly slotted somewhere else.

No 2-

Another option be offered with movement of tracks using the arrows. I would appreciate seeing a way of moving single tracks a defined number of ways down with the arrows. e.g. I see that all the tracks need to be moved down 21 spaces so I right click on the down arrow and it opens up a window to ask me how many spaces I wish to move that track. I type in 21 and an OK/Return immediately shift the track down 21 spaces. I then scroll up to the next track and repeat the exercise. Still tedious to have to do that for all 20 tracks but at least a doable situation where moving all tracks one by one is practically impossible. Of course it would be nice if a number of tracks could be groupled together to do this. Possible?

On another topic, low rez cover graphics, I am still frustrated that, at times, with no observable consistency, insertion of improved pictures using “copy image address” refuses to work. Generally Naxos graphics are the worst in this library but whether or not they can be improved using Amazon or Allmusic is hit and miss with up to 6 or more attempts.

The keep tracks together part would indeed save a lot of time while identifying classical albums. Hope this will be possible in the near future!

Any albums, not just classical, could use this improvement. Also, if a track is a few seconds off, and has similar text in the title, Roon ought to assume it is the right track rather than fail to identify the album.

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