Suitable Network Streamer to Replace Meridian MS600


I have a Meridian MS600 which I am looking to replace. I have had it for 7 years but I think there must be better out there now. Can some body please recommend a network streamer that will have a better sound quality? My budget is upto £1500 and it needs to have analogue RCA outputs as the best SQ from the amp is to turn off all DSP processing and that is only available via the analogue inputs.

Presumably you are not requiring any Sooloos functionality in the new unit? If you did need it then the Meridian 218 would be a drop-in replacement. I could not tell the difference between MS600 and the 218 when I changed, even though the MS600 is theoretically superior on the analogue outputs. Beyond that, though, there are many choices I guess.

Thanks for the reply.
Not planning to go down the Sooloos route again unless I moved away from Roon and I’m not anticipating that. Its dificult to get MS600 reviews and therefore difficult to decide as I am hoping that as MS600 design is nearly 10 years old there hopefully is something better that won’t break the bank

Well, the TEAC NT-505 and the new NAD C658 are right in the ball park.

Thank you I will have a look

Thanks for your suggestion but i’ve had a look and they seem to add functionality and hence price that I won’t use. I don’t want a pre-amp just something that is Roon certified plays over the wired LAN and outputs analogue audio into my amp.

If you are ok with two boxes, there are many solutions with a streamer and a DAC that would come in well under £1,500.

Lindemann Limetree Network Streamer at £795. Don’t get mixed up with the Bridge that is digital output only.

Dealer demo Naim Uniti Atom ?

Metrum Amethyst / Ambre ?

PS Audio Direct Stream Jr.