"Supernatural" and McIntosh

The kids and I watched the series Supernatural for many years. The series has now come to an end.

Architectural Digest has YouTube on Jensen’s (star) home in Austin.

It’s a very nice home with interesting features.

But I noted he has what appears to be two MC275 tube amps and concurrently an integrated amp and McIntosh turntable. The only speakers are two small (almost computer size) speakers in the same rack as the electronics.

Likely his main speakers are somewhere else or the installer deferred to the designer of the home or they wanted simply to have background music. He has a lot of vinyl and many guitars.

If anyone sees this short video, please note if you see any sign of main speakers.

Those seem to be very badly positioned B&W’s - possibly 805 D3’s.

Not certain what to make of a combined integrated and basic amps if I see that correctly,

With his guitars scattered apart, and his attempt to play Sweet Home Alabama, I assume that music is part of his life.

If the components were/are intrusive to the decor, the architect could have build them in.

It was interesting to see.

Hence the $5000 speakers and heaven knows how much pre / power combo ?

Mabye the designer didn’t know any better. Maybe they don’t. Let’s not judge, and let 'em enjoy their aspirationally expensive kit, shall we ?

The post concerned an attempt to see if speakers were located elsewhere.