Support artist "button"

Hey. I really love Roon and IT works perfectly with Tidal. The thing I would realy like to see is a function where I could support the artist I am lisening too.

Les say I found a CD I really like then I could support the artist with a “tip”. And since Roon have the information about guest artist and so forth, Roon could Ask the giver.: Share or give ONLY to main artist. I think this would be a good way of supporting non mainstream artists.

I realize that Roon would need to collaborate with Tidal to make this work.

Best regards and thank you for a great product.

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That’s a great idea. The trouble is you’re asking Roon to manage the infrastructure necessary to distribute that money. I’m not sure Roon is equipped to do that, but I still think it’s a good idea.

I know this is a problem, but patreon have made a system that works. For me this would be most important too support small underground artist. This would be a win win for streaming. More artist would make money on streaming and streaming would grow eaven bigger.
I also think a % off the money need to go to some kind of administration. Collaboration with paypal and other payment sulition is the way to go.

Maybe this is an example of where some integration with Bandcamp could help? An easy direct link to an artists Bandcamp page would encourage support.


YES! Bandcamp integration would be amazing… and perhaps I wouldn’t have to import all my Bandcamp FLAC purchases into Roon going forward, saving time.