Support Artists' Native Name/Name Alias

In roon’s metadata, a lot of Asian artists’ names are romanized (i.e. 米津玄師 -> Kenshi Yonezu, 周杰伦 -> Jay Chou). I know this is fantastic for a lot of the western users, but it create a lot of problems in several ways.

  • roon can not auto identify the artist/album when the files use the artists’ native names. I need to manually change it to the romanized name to find the album.
  • Manually overriding the artist name in the artist page will not change the artist’s name in the album. Creating a lot of confusion for having the same artist twice in 2 different languages. image
  • The artists’ name is usually still in their native language in the credit. Creating similar confusion as the previous example.
  • If you can understand their name in their native language, romanized names are simple harder to read.

It will be great if roon can support artists’ native names or having a toggle between native names and romanized names. Or simple adding a name aliasing feature, so if you change the name/add a alias on the artist page, roon will automatically change the artist name across the board.

It is a similar story for album name linking in the artists’ description. But I think it is minor details compare to the artist name.

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