Support DSD256 DFF files


Does Roon support those DSD256 DFF files:

DFF is not meta tagged like DSF so it may classify as ‘unknown’ Artist and Abum. I think there’s a converter out there that can convert DFF to DSF.

Yes :

Thank you.

The problem is that:

  • My Antipodes DX is native DSD512,
  • Roon is native DSD512,
  • My Playback Designs Merlot DAC is native DSD256.

But I can only play DSD64 & DSD128 via DoP.

It seems to be the “linux usb driver limit”.

What does it mean?
Is this limit a DAC one or the Antipodes player one?
What do I have to do?

I would contact tech support at Playback Designs and/or Antipodes. If it’s indeed a driver issue (which seems likely), it should be fixable, and I’d hope that both those top-shelf companies would be happy to assist you.

(And +1 on converting from DFF to DSF.)