Support DTS playback

I have a collection of DTS songs, but Roon doesn’t support it at the moment, in such case I have to switch back to Marantz receiver to play those songs directly. is there any chance Roon will support DTS in the future.

(1) I think if you turn off ALL DSP processing and name the file as a .wav file, Roon will pass the DTS signal to a capable receiver. It doesn’t support .cue, though, and in my experience most DTS audio use .cue to separate tracks;

(2) You can use various tools - Foobar with DTS-.wav plugin is one, to convert your .cue based DTS files to FLAC or MP3 etc.

Search the forum - there are other posts and suggestions on DTS. I think Roon has already said they don’t ever intend to support .cue, and probably won’t ever decode DTS directly,

I also wish ROON support DTS format. Hopefully the feature in the list of ROON Team and come soon.

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