Support for additional command line options of Squeezelite in RoPieee XL


I am not sure if I am here at the right place - sorry if this topic is wrong here. Then please guide me to the right place.

I was looking for a way to configure the Squeezelite configuration in RoPieee. Unfortunately the given options don’t allow to specify the server the RoPieee will connect to. Since I have more than one server running it is just by accident if it connects to the right server at start. This can be configured with the command line option ‘-s server:port’ Maybe it would be good to allow any additional command line options to be added in a separate configuration text field.

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Hello all,

since I had to find a solution I wrote a small workaround based on a script that is running every 5 minutes. It checks for the client being present on the aimed server. If it doesn’t find it there it goes to the other server and sends a command to the client there to move it to the aimed server.

Hope this maybe helps somebody else


Here the script:

result=$(/sbin/curl -X POST -d ‘{“id”:1,“method”:“slim.request”,“params”:[“ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff”,[“players”,“0”,“100”]]}’ http://:/jsonrpc.js -u “user:password” | grep )

if [ -z “$result” ]
echo “squeezelite not connected, trying to reconnect …”
#move client
result=$(/sbin/curl -X POST -d ‘{“id”:1,“method”:“slim.request”,“params”:[“”,[“connect”,“”]]}’ http://:/jsonrpc.js -u “user:password”)

echo “squeezelite connected!”