Support for ARC Connection Issues?

There have been hundreds(?) of posts concerning ARC’s inability to connect with the core, and many variations on that theme.

Question: I have yet to find one response from ROON. There have been many suggestions from the community to try “this-that-and-the-other”, but has anyone had a response from ROON support? Many of us have done everything step-by-step indicated in the help notes, to no avail. At least ROON 2.0 is working on the core and remotes, but the big advance … ARC … is a no-go. Too bad, because its description in the hype email and on the ROON website make it sound amazing.

That’s a bummer. Love the idea of ARC and installed it right away. Works when my phone is connected to my home WiFi but crashes otherwise. No fault noted like"failed to connect" ect, just disappears.

Tried it - brilliant in the home, useless outside. There is a global shortage of IPv4 addresses so most ISPs are presenting a number to the world and allocating you a different temporary number on the network. This causes the Multiple NAT issue which I think you can only solve by buying a fixed IP address from your ISP. For most users who have a floating IP address Arc will probably not work. Would be grateful if Roon have another workaround.