Support for ASUSTOR 2019

It is now three years past the first little scuffle concerning the ASUSTOR servers and Roon. After having my QNAP brick on me during an update and finding out, after much tinkering and swearing, that something had happened to the motherboard, I was told by QNAP support that the particular model was at EOL and that there were no motherboards available for a repair. Support assured me that if I bought a new QNAP and put my old discs in it, that I would have my data. I ordered a nice new top of the line QNAP and guess what, well I guess you know, no data. Fortunately I had a backup less than thirty days old and I had done it the old fashioned way, file to file, so I can access it from any system. Also, when I tried to initialize the new top of the line QNAP without care for what happened to my data, the system failed. In frustration and because there is other support on ASUSTOR that I like, I have ordered a 7004-T-i5 with 8gb, though I will upgrade to 16. Now I would like to move my lifetime Roon server license to the ASUSTOR and all I am finding is some old squabbling regarding how much effort Roon puts into the QNAP and that it does not have time for ASUSTOR; frankly, I am somewhat taken aback by all of this. Without regard for personalities here, does anyone have a solution to the ASUSTOR issue. It appears that QNAP hates me and that there is nothing I can do about it.

We launched our partnership with asustor earlier this year. You can find Roon in their App Store.

Thank you. I did not check before I jumped ship with QNAP before checking. It has been so convenient having Roon with Tidal, especially when I am traveling.

This is awesome! I have an Asustor NAS. And Roon lifetime membership. I use Roon with HQ Player desktop on my Windows 10 PC. Both installed on my PC. I have a huge library (over 10K albums).

What would be the advantage of using the Roon app on my Asustor NAS? I’m up for trying it out but wanna make sure it would still work with HQPlayer and I can still access via my desktop PC. Any info is appreciated


The NAS still needs the basic baselines that your computer core needs. An i3 or better CPU, 8 GB RAM, and the database running on an SSD. Given that you have a lot of albums, you will need a faster core, probably an i7 for the NAS, and, definitely the SSD for the database.

Thanks! I’m gonna stick with my desktop setup. My NAS doesn’t have the proper basic baselines.

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