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Hello everybody,
I have another question guys,
with which cable can I connect my iMac core with the CAMBRIDGE CXNV2 streamer? Can I still use the phone as a remote control when connecting with the cable(if i can)?

In this case, will the audio quality be better(with cable connection) than using it without cable(streaming wifi)?

My core is 8 meters away, can I still make the connection?

The CXN V2 is Roon Ready so you can connect by ethernet and get full RAAT response . The Wi Fi dongle can be used but you will see Wi Fi is not favoured by many on this forum.

Equally you could use a USB cable direct (8 m is a bit of push maybe) but bear in mind that with any of the digital inputs you will not see the artwork , just an identifier “USB” or “COAX” etc

So the answer is Ethernet

Thank you,
so i connect Imac(my room Core) at Cambridge CXN V2 beetween etherneth?
Can i control from my phone like a normal stream with a Roon App?
thans so much

etherneth which category is better?

Yep just load Roon Remote on your iPhone from the iStore. It will detect your Roon core as you start up , you’re good to go. I use an iPad Pro 12.9 which is WOW and a Samsung A`52 on Android with no issues… The only problem with phones is they are small screens and some Roon features are skipped compared with the iPad experience

I use Cat 5 with no problems . So Ethernet between the Router and iMac then another Ethernet from Router to the CXN , then the iPhone on WiFi on the same router …finished …

Wow thank u. So I need a usb-Ethernet Dongle because I have only 1 Ethernet door in my IMac.

Why do you need more than one ?

Just connect the iMac to one port on your Router and the CXN to another port on the Router. Ethernet from the iMac to the CXN direct won’t work . The Router is the middle man , you just need 2 cables

Am I missing something?

My god I’m so stupid .
Thanks for this support

No problem , been at this a few years,:heart_eyes:

Time for my evening gin :heart:

Note that Roon ready was a recent addition to the CXN-V2 via firmware update so make sure you have a recent or the latest firmware installed to get Roon ready.

Yes thanks I have the last firmware.
I connect with Ethernet Core and Streamer.
Don’t I have to set anything now? Does quality improve further without having to set anything?

Basically, what happens with Ethernet unlike Wi-Fi? In the end Core and Streamer are not materially connected with a cable but only on the same network via Ethernet

Your Core & Streamer are physically connected (with ethernet cables) via your router, all signals/data are routed over that path.
Your phone (client) will control the streamer/roon via Wi-fi which is also connected to your network via the router.
That’s a basic description but I hope it helps.

Yes is ok. Thank you