Support for DSD1024 (DSF and DFF file)

To whom it may concern,

Since some good DACs are capable of DSD1024 playback (T+A SDV3100, Holo audio Spring 2 & MAY) plus HQplayer Pro allows users to convert any file to DSD1024 using its excellent filter and modulator. Is it possible for ROON to support DSD1024 now? I believe it should not be a difficult thing.

I have some DSD1024 files available converted from HQplayer Pro and want to try it on my Holo Audio MAY DAC, but ROON cannot recognize them.

P.S. I’m able to upsample file to DSD1024 via HQplayer on the ROON though.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Is DSD1024 even part of the DSD standard?

The newly updated Denafrips DAC models all support DSD1024 and PCM 1536KHz too

There’s no standard that would state anything about such.

For files, HQPlayer doesn’t have any limit on the rate. Currently available default output rates go up to 48k x2048, but it is easy to add more if someone sees it fit.

With HQPlayer Pro, one can easily exceed DSD2048 on the output files as needed.

P.S. IIRC, for the DSF/DSDIFF format, technical limit for the sample rate is a bit over 4 GHz.

I’d like this feature :slight_smile:
Currently works with LMS - and I’m evaluating whether I should jump ship or not.