Support for JustBoom Digi Hat?

Does RoPieee work with the JustBoom Digi hat? It’s not included on the Audio Hardwear section of the Ropieee website. Thanks

Hi @MrBob,

No it doesn’t. However, adding it is fairly easy. I’ve you give me a couple of days I’ll add the device and then you can test it.


Thanks Harry, that’s great. No hurry on my part as I don’t have Roon yet! I’ve trialed Roon before but my ancient computer wasn’t up to hosting the core. A new one is coming soon and I am working out end points. I currently use the JB digi with DietPi and LMS and hope to use it in future with Roon, Ropieee and a display.
Cheers for now, Rob

Hi Rob,

I’ve already added it, so with the next update it will be supported out of the box.